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Today psychologists talk a lot about self-esteem. About how important it is in life. Particular attention is paid to children's self-esteem. Write how and what to tell the child. Is it possible to punish him, and if so, how to do it without hurting his self-esteem. And, quite possibly, your children you are raising, from a psychological point of view, right. They grow in the love, attention, and confident in their abilities by 100%. But what if your parents are such useful books have not read. What if you still hear from them the phrase: "You will not work", "You're not good enough for the job" and the like. After all, according to our psychologists, from the self-assessment depends on our existence. What if it is at zero, or tends to it? There is good news, all is solved, all fixable. You just need to set a goal and gradually move in a given direction. And help us in enhancing their own self-esteem of our favorite books. It's simple, really. Reading the book, you raise the intellectual level, to develop his speech. And when you speak freely, you can easily communicate with any person. When you know a lot, you can support any conversation. And your self-esteem is growing rapidly.